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Our Services

Our Services

You will get the best damage repairing service from our end. With the Cosslett &Sons Panel Beating you will be getting the finest options for proper servicing time to time. It is our belief that no vehicle is a lost cause and there are several ways to restore them into their original state. At the Northland Workshop that we had, we had gone through the task of plastic welding to insurance works. Therefore, we are aware of every possible way that we can help you out in addressing your vehicle condition.

Plastic welding

For the repairing of the automobile bumpers, we provide the best support of plastic welding and that too is the most justified price.

Rust repairs

Ensuring the safety of our clients on the road is one of our main objectives. We offer dedicated rust and repairs so that your vehicle can perform up to standard for many years to come.

Accident damage

It is true that our clients require perfect repairing of the accident damages from us. Putting the greatest of care into the repair of your vehicle, from both an aesthetic and functional standpoint, we offer complete accident damage services. We will walk you through the process so you know what the job will involve and to ensure you are completely satisfied with the finished result.

Warranty repairs

We know that the car dealers look for a perfect repairing of the cars under warranty as they require maintaining a clean relation with the authorities. Keeping this in mind we leave no stone unturned to ensure that the vehicles are properly repaired within time.


In addition to having your vehicle up and running, we can also restore its appearance. We have a range of options to choose from to ensure your vehicle can look as it did before.
If you want to take the opportunity to create a new look for your vehicle we can do that as well.

Ins work

We also help out our customers for proper insurance work. We have the best persons in charge for the task who will offer the perfect guidance for fast and perfect insurance works.

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